César Ferradas

A list of everything I own

02 December 2020

Having a list of all of our belongings makes us more aware of the things we own.

Somehow being able to look at a list and say “yup, that’s pretty much it”, is an interesting feeling. You can somehow visualise your stuff in lines of plain text. I made this list initially to be more conscious of the things I own, but realised it might be valuable to share publicly as I’m always interested in what other minimalists own and how they live simpler lives.

Before we start, one caveat: I haven’t included things that I co-own, for example kitchen utensils I share with my girlfriend. I’ve also not counted consumables such as food, cleaning and hygiene products. With that out of the way, here we go!


I go for neutral colours that go with most other items of clothing. Therefore, 99% of my clothing is either black, white or a shade of grey.

Total: 70


Total: 9


Here I go for reusable and durable tools as much as possible. For example, my steel razor is “buy it for life”.

Total: 4


Total: 12


I’ve recently bought a Kindle. It makes so much sense: it’s lighter than most books, e-books are cheaper and better for the environment, and it doesn’t take as much space as physical books. But I’ve kept a few books I like. Everything else was donated or sold.

Total: 5


Most things in our kitchen are shared, so here I only list my personal belongings (i.e. coffee gear).

Total: 4


Total: 6

I think that’s it. 110 items. I’ve most likely missed things, and this list will inevitably change, but as it stands it’s a good snapshot of my belongings in the current time and situation.