César Ferradas


Hello! My name is César Ferradas. I’m from Lima, Peru.

I’m a Software Engineer and Systems Architect with over 10 years of programming experience and 5+ years in professional roles at both startups and large companies.

I enjoy solving difficult problems and have deep expertise in software development across the stack, as well as in Cloud Architecture, DevOps, and Site Reliability.

Passionate about sustainable software, I focus on simple code design, scalability and efficiency. I strive to work with companies which have a positive social or environmental impact.

I am committed to supporting open-source software. I was the creator and main author of Heron Python and have contributed to projects such as Flasgger, RQ and Tofu Auth. The website you’re on right now is open-source.

I hold a BSc in Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship from University College London, where I graduated with First Class honours.